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We are Talent Show and you can find us working on branding, graphic design, art direction and all kinds of creative endeavors over in Hayden Tract, Culver City in Los Angeles California.

We're a small but mighty team always looking for fun projects to work on that we hope will add a bit more joy to this crazy mixed up world. If you have a project you need help bringing to life, we'd be happy to see if it's a good fit. Shoot us a note or give us a call.

How to know if you're a good fit:
- you value design
- you can't do it yourself
- you have a budget
- you trust our professional experience
- you like big, bold, bright and beautiful

How to know if we're a good fit:
- we value what you know that we don't
- we work collaboratively
- we listen (to you, your team, your audience)
- we connect business and creative strategies
- we value the timeless and the contemporary
- we believe good design is good business
- we aim for truth in whatever the medium
- we think creativity is for everyone

Talent Show
Branding Design to the stars.™

Always open. Except when we're closed.

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