Welcome To The Talent Show

Welcome to the Talent Show. We are a creative collaboration brand / studio / product company that focuses on partnering with rad brands and cool people to create awesome work, fun events and quirky stuff in the art and design space blurring the lines in the process. This our fantastic and eclectic voyage into the wonderful world of blogging (do you even blog anymore bro?) and we hope you'll come along for the ride. While our current status is small our dreams are big and our sights are set on making and sharing work that inspires, collaborating with people we admire and having some fun in the process. 

We like to say our whole approach is about being Champions of Creativity™ - celebrating creative endeavors and artistic feats of strength so to speak. While we're not totally sure how it will all look we're sure we want to embody that approach in everything we do, from the brands we design for, the collaborations we feature and the shows we put together. This is our visual and experiential version of a talent show, a creative showcase for ourselves and other like minded individuals - our instinctive fellow travelers if you will. This channel is an opportunity to set the stage, turn on the bright lights and share a round of applause for all of us pursuing the creative life.